Kingston, Jamaica

Mapping Urbanization and Social Change

Paper Maps

Aa, Pieter van der. [Map] (1713). Cuba en Iamaica : soo als die door Kolumbus ontdekt, en by de Kastilianen bevolkt sijn. A Leide, Netherlands: Pierre Vander Aa.


Arrowsmith, John. [Map] (1848). Map of Jamaica, Compiled Chiefly from Manuscripts in the Colonial Office and Admiralty, London: J Arrowsmith.


Esquire, Bryan Edwards. [Map] (1794). Map of the Island of Jamaica Divided by Counties and Parishes for the History of the British West Indies. London: I Stockdale.



Berry, Williams H. [Map] (1557-1708). A collection of Maps of the World. 1557-1708. London: William Berry.

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